Minutes of Mid South Regional AGM

Minutes of BRCA Mid-South Regional AGM

Date:       Wednesday 5th February 2020.

Time:      7:30pm

Venue:     The Watermans Arms – Eton.

Present: – Stephen Brown, Tony Evdoka, Darren Windsor, Keith Wardle, Mick Hendy, Mark Sadler, Sam Mughal, Yasir Mughal, Duncan Nattress, John Yarnham, John Yarnham Jnr, Duncan Hedger, Steve Robertson.

1.    Welcome and Introductions.

Stephen Brown, Mid-South Rep & TORCH Chairman Tony Evdoka, Serpent/Rudebits Distributor

Darren Windsor, HNMC Committee Keith Wardle, Stotfold Chairman Mick Hendy, Adur Chairman

Mark Sadler, Racer at Adur & TORCH Sam Mughal, SEMCC Chairman Yasir Mughal, SEMCC Committee

Duncan Nattress, SHRCC & SEMCC Racer John Yarnham, SHRCCC Committee

John Yarnham Jnr. SHRCCC Racer Duncan Hedger, SHRCCC Committee Steve Robertson, TORCH Committee

2.    Matters Arising.

SB started the introductions as Mid-South Rep and stated that despite significant other work & personal commitments he does the job in the interest of the region and would continue to do so with the support of SR. SB is willing to step down if there is another person in the region that feels they would like the job.

3.    Rep for 2020.

SB will continue as Mid-South Rep with support from SR.

4.    Clubs for 2020.

There was discussion regarding the inclusion of indoor racing in the Regional Series. SM stated that SEMCC are willing to hold a Mid-South Regional if required. A vote was held and the majority decision was that the Mid-South Regionals would be at outdoor clubs for 2020. With the continued rise and popularity of indoor racing it was felt that this should be re-visited next year.

Next there was discussion of the clubs to be included in the Region. HNMC, Stotfold, SHRCCC & TORCH were all keen to continue as Mid-South clubs. Adur club had been invited to the meeting as they had expressed interest in holding a Mid-South regional. Pictures of the track and facilities were shown and the majority voted to include Adur for 2020.

5.    Format of Meetings 2WD/4WD/Support Classes.

In 2018 2WD & 4WD events were held on the same weekend and this was not popular with racers with an especially low attendance for 4WD. Last years’ meeting format reverted to separate meetings for 2WD and 4WD and the 4WD events were still poorly supported. It was suggested to double class the 2WD & 4WD on the same day to reduce the number of weekends needed for regionals and although there was some objection it was passed by majority vote.

6.    Dates of Meetings.

An already very crowded calendar was circulated and with consideration for other races including Euro’s, Nationals and Stotfold & Herts EOE regionals. Dates were decided, that on reflection did not suit a majority of racers and were subsequently revised over the next few days to be as follows:

5th April: TORCH 3rd May:  ADUR 31st May: HNMC 26th July: SHRCCC

13th September: Stotfold

7.   Rules – Tyres + BRCA Alignment.

Discussion regarding tyres centred on the high wear rate of the tyres at certain venues and the resulting culture of using a new set every run for most top racers. This resulted in 2 proposals aimed at reducing costs and the number of tyres required:

  1. An Open tyre rule to allow the use of longer lasting types of tyre, but this was rejected by majority vote.
    1. Each club to nominate 2 types of tyre suitable for their track and limit the quantity to 2 sets for qualifying & finals, with an additional set being allowed to be used in the 3 leg A Final. The wheels & tyres will be colour coded and marked with the competitor BRCA number by scrutineering. This was passed by majority vote.

Nominated tyres per track are as follows:

TORCH: Proline Pyramid or Ballistic Buggy Minispike Adur: Schumacher Dart or Ballistic Buggy Minispike HNMC: Schumacher Dart or Schumacher Cactus SHRCCC: Proline Pyramid or Ballistic Buggy Minispike Stotfold: Schumacher Dart or Ballistic Buggy Minispike

8.   Other – Costs, Website, Booking In, fees, trophies etc.

It was agreed by club representatives to continue to pay the costs to support the Mid-south website equally between them.

It was agreed by all that booking in will continue to be on the TORCH website as last year. Entry Fees were agreed as £10 per entry.

Trophies were agreed as: A Final Top 3 in 2WD & 4WD, Winner of B to E Final in 2WD, Winner of B Final in 4WD, Top Under 13 & Top Under 16. It was agreed to bulk buy the trophies or plaques for the region to try and reduce costs.

9.   AOB.


Meeting Closed 10.30pm.